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Greetings and salutations, kinfolk. This is your friendly national Zannah checking in to see what's up with the other smartypants she grew up with. I spose a little blurb is in order..

I'm attending college but considering taking a year off. (Again)
I'm majoring in Asian studies and minoring in Spanish, but I'm also considering double majoring in Mass Com, because apparently I've come to enjoy wallowing in shit. (No fear, yo, I'll never turn to the Dark Side of selling, spinning or "commenting" on anything.)
The latest project is world conquest, or, failing that, writing a system for learning a language.
I'm not sure whether I abuse the mother tongue more or less than when I knew y'all. I think I at least do it more intellectually now... but I'm not entirely sure I can really have pretensions to intellectualism when I have such a thing for gratuitous violence.

Anyway, I miss you guys and you need to e-mail me (starfireming at gmail period com) and give me numbers.SNs.

Hugs all around!
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