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Hey all, 23rd Street/Jim/Chelsea here.
It appears this community is "mostly dead" so I was thinking of unjoining, but then I decided hey why not say something....

"twooo looove"

No, really, though, what I wanted to ask about is whether or not anyone lives in or near Baltimore. I just moved here for a job and have no friends *cries* so I thought I'd give a shout out and see if anyone migrated this direction over the years.

For those who don't know me, I'm friggin old. I was 99,00,01. Been thinking of applying as a TA, but I have a full time job so I'd have to take a leave of absense or something equally unpaying.

Anyway, toodles!

Student Seeking Patient Model

Hello everyone!

I see this hasn't been active for a while, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

I'm a 25 y/o graduate student in a Masters in Counseling program. For the practical section of one of my classes, we are required to do individual counseling with someone for 10 30-minute sessions. These sessions would be recorded and shared with just my professor, then destroyed once heard.

Would anyone be willing for free individual counseling? I have quite a bit of experience in the art of counseling, but am only now working on making it official by getting my license to practice on my own in the state.

In the past I've worked with domestic violence, homicide victims, sexual abuse/assault, and others. I feel comfortable dealing with most of what you may be going through and it needn't be anything like what I've just listed. In fact, the intent of the project is for me to get to know who you are, maintain a therapeutic relationship, and see if I can help you along your way over the timespan of the 10 sessions.

Its free counseling for you and great experience for me.

Is anyone game or know anyone who would be?

If so, please email me at spostal @ gmail.com (no spaces).


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Ok, another post, this time cooler.

You know those things on iTunes, Podcasts? Well, my friend Naniwhy had the coolest idea. A CTY Lancaster Podcast! F&M CTYers talking about CTY and traditions and stuff. It would be so amazingly awesome.

Anyone who's interested please comment!!!!

ahoy hoy

Greetings and salutations, kinfolk. This is your friendly national Zannah checking in to see what's up with the other smartypants she grew up with. I spose a little blurb is in order..

I'm attending college but considering taking a year off. (Again)
I'm majoring in Asian studies and minoring in Spanish, but I'm also considering double majoring in Mass Com, because apparently I've come to enjoy wallowing in shit. (No fear, yo, I'll never turn to the Dark Side of selling, spinning or "commenting" on anything.)
The latest project is world conquest, or, failing that, writing a system for learning a language.
I'm not sure whether I abuse the mother tongue more or less than when I knew y'all. I think I at least do it more intellectually now... but I'm not entirely sure I can really have pretensions to intellectualism when I have such a thing for gratuitous violence.

Anyway, I miss you guys and you need to e-mail me (starfireming at gmail period com) and give me updates.phone numbers.SNs.

Hugs all around!
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I recently stumbled across my copy of 'cty gold' and the ... '99? master for the canon I sold to the admin at F&M ( CTY gold + a clean copy of 'In your eyes' from its proper Peter Gabriel CD). If anyone wants a copy, i can make dupes.
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all up in ma grill

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yeah... I don't know if you remember me at all or not, but I'm Stuart. I thought I made a post here ages ago. I guess not. Or maybe someone deleted it. Whatever.
I spent five sessions at Lancaster... 00.1, 00.2, 01.1, 01.2, 02.1. Wasn't really "in" the Alcove until the 2001 sessions. I was a no-more in 2002 and went to NJ Governor's School during 2003. I was noticeable, I suppose, for a duct tape hat with spoons on it, as well as a duct tape cape the next year... I made tons of animals out of duct tape as well. I'm having a hard time remembering everything, which I find really sad and pathetic. Blah.
So yeah... lately I've lost pretty much all contact with people from CTY aside from a very few whose livejournals I read.
Currently I'm suffering through a miserable senior year. I could elaborate but I do far too much of that on a regular basis on my xanga (www.xanga.com/sporksovereign) as well as my pitifully under-updated livejournal. I miss CTY and am anxiously waiting for high school to end.
Yeah... if you want, IM me. New screen name--DefenestratePigs.
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i've arrived! and figured out how to post here!

Out of some sense of obligation, I'll join this group although I have no real interest in preserving any ties I have with the Alcove. It's kinda silly, when you think about it.

Me llamo Scully, if you're a CTYer... I was in the Alcove for six sessions (98.1, 99.2, 00.1, 00.2, 01.1, 01.2) for reasons that now escape me. I really don't think I learned anything valuable the whole time, but I liked quite a few of the people I met there. Now I'm a senior in HS and going to Reed College next year. Ummm I don't have anything else to say at the moment.

Oh, well, I guess for anyone who's going back I can spread the word that once again, Andrew Butler (my adopted older brother) will not be returning; his plans fell through. Maybe next year.
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For those who are, I have officially located Miss Katy 'Deke' Muzikar.
Those interested in her contact information can contact me through IM @ Crackshoe or Phlogistondream, or email me @ indigoshift at livejournal dot com