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i've arrived! and figured out how to post here!

Out of some sense of obligation, I'll join this group although I have no real interest in preserving any ties I have with the Alcove. It's kinda silly, when you think about it.

Me llamo Scully, if you're a CTYer... I was in the Alcove for six sessions (98.1, 99.2, 00.1, 00.2, 01.1, 01.2) for reasons that now escape me. I really don't think I learned anything valuable the whole time, but I liked quite a few of the people I met there. Now I'm a senior in HS and going to Reed College next year. Ummm I don't have anything else to say at the moment.

Oh, well, I guess for anyone who's going back I can spread the word that once again, Andrew Butler (my adopted older brother) will not be returning; his plans fell through. Maybe next year.
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