Samantha (anothercrisis) wrote in diningroom1and4,

Student Seeking Patient Model

Hello everyone!

I see this hasn't been active for a while, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

I'm a 25 y/o graduate student in a Masters in Counseling program. For the practical section of one of my classes, we are required to do individual counseling with someone for 10 30-minute sessions. These sessions would be recorded and shared with just my professor, then destroyed once heard.

Would anyone be willing for free individual counseling? I have quite a bit of experience in the art of counseling, but am only now working on making it official by getting my license to practice on my own in the state.

In the past I've worked with domestic violence, homicide victims, sexual abuse/assault, and others. I feel comfortable dealing with most of what you may be going through and it needn't be anything like what I've just listed. In fact, the intent of the project is for me to get to know who you are, maintain a therapeutic relationship, and see if I can help you along your way over the timespan of the 10 sessions.

Its free counseling for you and great experience for me.

Is anyone game or know anyone who would be?

If so, please email me at spostal @ (no spaces).

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